Key Stage One Maths Money – Year One

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in maths number in Key Stage One covering money

Easter Egg Shopping

Calculate the total cost of buying pairs of Easter eggs with prices in multiples of ten pence

Dinner Date

Calculate the cost of buying different foods to serve for a special meal on Valentine's Day

Christmas Cake

Identify and record the number of one or two pence coins needed to buy different Christmas cakes

Santa’s Sack

Identify and record sets of money amounts with totals to twenty pence to match prices of presents

Coins Match

Select and record the correct numbers of coins that match different money amounts to one pound

Coin Groups

Identify and record sets of coins that match different money values to thirty pence

Coin Rubbings

Identify, describe and record the images visible on each side of different coins to two pounds