Key Stage One History Significant Lives

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in history for Key Stage One to teach about the lives of people who had a significant impact on the history of Britain and the world

Dear Grace Darling

Plan and write a letter in character to explore and record information about an historical event in the past


Suggest and record how the survivors from the shipwreck might have responded to the rescue by the Darling family

Sea Rescue

Storyboard and sequence the main events in the story of Grace Darling and the sea rescue she performed with her father

Grace Darling’s Home

Explore and record the background history to the story of sea rescue performed by Grace Darling

Sea Dangers

Explore and record some of the dangers and hazards associated with working and living by the sea


Plan and write a diary entry to describe the range of jobs and routines performed by a lighthouse keeper