Key Stage One History Families

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in history for Key Stage One to teach about how family life has changed over time

Holiday Souvenirs

Identify and record similarities and differences between seaside holidays in the past using souvenirs

Holiday Postcards

Identify and record differences between seaside holidays in the past with today by writing recounts

Seaside Interviews

Collate and record information about life in the past by conducting interviews about seaside holidays

Holidays Yesterday

Identify and describe seaside holidays that families experienced in the past using photographs

Holiday Fun

Use drama to explore games and events that can be experienced as part of a seaside holiday

Family Holidays

Explore and record some of the reasons why families choose to holiday in different locations

Toy Museum

Select and record information to add to a label for a toy from the past to use in a museum display

From Old to New

Describe and compare different toys from the past and identify some modern day equivalents

Old Toys

Practise using primary sources to investigate some of the different toys that were owned by families in the past

Toy Interviews

Conduct interviews with classroom visitors to find out about some of the toys that they owned in the past

Old and New

Identify, compare and describe some of the toys that might have been owned by families today and in the past