Key Stage One Geography

Discover some schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in geography in Key Stage One when exploring the physical and political features of different locations and communities


Identify, record and compare some of the physical and political geographical features specific to islands with other locations around the world


Identify, describe and compare the physical and political geography of a seaside location with other places around the world

Harbour Life

Identify and describe industrial, commercial and recreational activities that can happen in a harbour and compare with other locations around the world

Seas and Oceans

Identify, describe and locate all of the main seas and oceans of the world using maps and compare vehicles used for marine transportation


Identify, describe and compare the location and function of farms in relation to other places and activities including food production using crops and animals

Farm Routes

Use the four points of the compass to describe routes and locations that could be made around a farm

Field to Plate

Explore and record the journey of a carrot from the farm to the shop to the home

Farm Crops

Identify and describe some of the crops that are grown on a farm as part of the food chain

City or Farm

Investigate and record the similarities and differences between a city or farm location

Farm Diary

Identify and compare some of the different jobs performed daily by a farmer when working on a farm

Farm Map

Create a map to record some of the different animals and buildings that can be found on a farm