Key Stage One Geography Places

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in geography for Key Stage One to teach about describing and comparing places found in the local area and other communities in the world

Island Postcard

Write holiday postcards to identify and compare the physical and political features of islands with other locations

Island Holiday

Explain and record how to plan a family holiday to an island location listing possible events and experiences

Island Schools

Describe and compare school life for school pupils living on an island and in a mainland location

Island People

Identify and describe some of the different jobs that can be completed by the residents on an island

Isle of Skye

Select and list questions that can be used to compare living on a small island with other locations in the world

Holiday Postcard

Compose a postcard to a friend describing a visit to a seaside on holiday to make comparisons between other places

Seaside Shopping

compile lists of items and describe some of the different buildings that can be found in a specific location

Seaside Living

Write a reply to a letter from a pen pal living at the seaside to research more information about the location

Seaside Jobs

Describe and compare some of the different jobs that can be performed in a seaside location

Seaside or Town

Identify and describe some of the similarities and differences between geographical locations found in the world

Seaside Visit

Identify and describe some of the physical and political geographical features that can be found at the seaside

Harbour View

Design and build models to illustrate some of the different activities that can happen in a harbour