Key Stage One English Year Two Planning

Animal Research

Practise different ways of finding information about animals in non-fiction information books, investigate words spelt with the or sound and use commas to write lists

Animal Index

Select and record keywords that can be used in an index for a non-fiction book about a specific type of mini-beast

Animal Keywords

Identify different pages in a non-fiction book that can provide information about a range of keywords related to animals

Animal Lists

Practise using commas to separate items in sentences when writing lists about different types of animals

Animal Questions

Compile lists of questions that can be used when investigating different types of animals using information texts

Word Match ll and l

Identify and spell different words with the /ɔ:/ sound spelt a before l and ll that can used as book titles about mini-beasts

Animal Adventures

Plan and write a story based on a book by a significant author about an animal kept as a pet by a family

Pet Story Writing

Draft and edit a narrative story to illustrate alternative conflict and resolution for the main character in a story about a family pet

Pet Story Events

Select and sequence different events to use in a story matching the structure and content of a narrative text about a family pet

Pet Belongings

Practise using possessive apostrophes in sentences to indicate items belonging to different family pets

Pet Sentences

Use apostrophes for possession in sentences to indicate things belonging to different family pets

Word Sounds ge

Investigate and match the different spellings of words that contain the /dʒ/ sound that can be used to describe pets