Key Stage One English Year One Planning

Buses, Trains, Planes

Select patterned language to use when writing poems describing ways of travelling when making different journeys

Poetry Display

Redraft and edit poems to display in the classroom describing transport that can be used for a range of journeys

Transport Poetry Writing

Select and combine words to build lines for a poem with patterned language to describe a form of transport

Transport Words

Select and list vocabulary words that can be used to describe journeys made using different forms of transport

Buses Capital Letters

Identify and record words that should be written with a capital letter in sentences about a bus journey

Transport Word Syllables

Identify words with different numbers of syllables used in sentences about a range of forms of transport


Read and respond to poems about different ways to travel using a range of transportation vehicles

Vehicle Sounds

Make a list of words that can be used to describe different vehicles and record their matching syllables

Transport Word Rhymes

Select and match sets of words that rhyme to use when describing what might happen on a train journey

Trains Capital Letters

Punctuate different sentences about train journeys using capital letters for the correct words

Word Syllables

Identify and record the number of syllables that can be heard in a range of different words