Key Stage One English Story Writing – Year Two

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in English for Year Two in Key Stage One to teach about writing stories using different styles and genres

Story Editing

Edit and redraft a story showing what might happen next in a story about keeping a wild animal as family pet

Story Endings

Practise extending a story about keeping a wild animal as a pet by selecting an alternative ending to the narrative

Animal Story Scenes

Use drama to storyboard some of the different things that might happen in a story about keeping a wild animal as a pet

Pet Story

Compose a narrative story to show some of the problems that an unusual animal might make for a family to solve

Story Plans

Role-play and record some of the narrative events that might happen in a story about a family pet

Pancake Story

Write and edit a narrative story with a familiar setting based on the structure and sequence of a traditional story

Pancake Events

Plan story events to illustrate conflict and resolution in a story about making an enormous pancake

Enormous Turnip

Discuss the sequence of events and characters in a traditional story as preparation for writing a similar story using conflict and resolution

Story Reverses

Develop understanding of the narrative structure of fictional stories by sequencing and writing stories in reverse