Key Stage One English Story Writing – Year One

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in English for Year One in Key Stage One to teach about writing stories using different styles and genres

Story Book

Check and correct sentences that can be complied into a story book about what could happen in a family

Family Story Writing

Compose the narrative for a story to show how someone might fix a problem that could occur in their family

Family Story Planning

Plan the narrative to show the sequence of events that might happen in a story about a family

Family Scenes

Suggest and record events that might come before and after different scenes in a story about a family

Santa’s Trip

Write a narrative story to describe one of the special places that Santa could visit on holiday after Christmas

Santa’s Visit

Compile a storyboard to plan a narrative story about where Santa could visit on holiday

Story Reverses

Develop understanding of the narrative structure of fictional stories by sequencing and writing stories in reverse