Key Stage One English Signs Lists and Labels

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in literacy for Key Stage One to teach about producing signs, lists and labels to match specific activities and functions

Seaside Shopping

compile lists of items and describe some of the different buildings that can be found in a specific location

Family Hobbies

Select and record lists of different items that might be needed to complete a specific hobby

Car Journeys

Select and write lists of preparations that might be needed for different types of journeys by car

Shopping Lists

Select and record lists of items that can be bought when visiting a range of different shops in the local area

Trip Lists

Compile lists to name some of the different objects that might be needed when visiting a range of locations

Christmas Party

Write lists of foods, drinks and games needed for a class Christmas celebration

Reindeer Lists

Write lists to record different items needed to care for Santa's reindeer at the North Pole