Key Stage One English Letter Writing

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in English for Key Stage One to teach about composing letters for a range of purposes


Use a story from the Bible to identify and record how Jesus taught people to give support to others

Island Postcard

Write holiday postcards to identify and compare the physical and political features of islands with other locations

Island Schools

Describe and compare school life for school pupils living on an island and in a mainland location

Holiday Postcard

Compose a postcard to a friend describing a visit to a seaside on holiday to make comparisons between other places

Seaside Living

Write a reply to a letter from a pen pal living at the seaside to research more information about the location

Thank You Santa

Compose and write a personal letter to Santa Claus to thank him for a present received at Christmas

Dear Grace Darling

Plan and write a letter in character to explore and record information about an historical event in the past