Key Stage One English Instructions

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in English for Year Two in Key Stage One to teach about writing instructions

Winning Gold

Read and write a set of instructions about how to win a race at the Olympic Games

Planting Bulbs

Read and write a set of instructions about how to plant bulbs to grow different flowers in a garden

Class Robot

Select commands to give to other pupils to get them to perform and complete different jobs in the classroom

Sandwich Recipe

Select different foods and record the steps needed to make a favourite type of sandwich for a picnic

Lost Son

Identify and describe some of the moral teachings of Jesus as presented in a story from the Bible

Ten Commandments

Investigate and record the different rules and commandments that were issued by God to the Hebrews

Pancake Recipe

Devise and sequence a set of instructions about how to prepare pancakes using a range of toppings

Pirate Hat

Follow a set of instructions to make a hat that could be worn by a pirate on a ship

Pirate Treasure

Devise a treasure map with matching commands that pirates can use to find treasure on an island


Compose and write a set of instructions to explain how to use a firework safely on Bonfire Night

Ark Instructions

Select, write and order a set of instructions about how to build a wooden ark to survive a flood


Read and write sets of instructions using the correct vocabulary and sentence structures about how to become a witch