Key Stage One English Sentences – Year One

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in English for Year One in Key Stage One to teach about writing and punctuating sentences

Spring Flowers

Practise writing and punctuating sentences about some of the different flowers that grow during the spring

Parks and Playgrounds

Compose and punctuate sentences about different events and experiences that can be completed at a playground location

Easter Fun

Use full stops and capital letters to correctly punctuate sentences about different Easter experiences

Family Easter

Practise using the personal pronoun I to describe things that families can do together at Easter

Family Homes

Practise writing a range of sentences to describe how families might use different rooms in their homes

Family Rooms

Select and compose sentences to describe some of the household objects that might be used by the characters in a narrative story

Family Talk

Practise writing a selection sentences to show what different characters might say about story events

Family Kitchen

Practise writing simple sentences to describe some of the special objects that might be found and used in a room in a family home

Animal Voices

Write sentences to suggest what different characters might have said in response to narrative events

Animal Sentences

Add the correct punctuation and word spaces to complete sentences about different animals

Santa’s Postcards

Identify and select vocabulary to describe different places visited by Santa Claus