Key Stage One English Noun Phrases – Year Two

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in English for Year Two in Key Stage One to teach about writing expanded noun phrases

Last Supper

Select powerful synonyms to describe nouns in sentences about an event in the Easter story

Animal Story Words

Choose and record matching adjectives that can be used to describe different settings in a story about an animal

Pet Lists

Collect and record sets of words that can be used to describe how to clean, feed and exercise a family pet

Pet Sentences

Select descriptive adjectives to create expanded noun phrases to use in sentences describing pets

Pet Advert

Compose and present an advert that can be used to describe an animal for sale in a pet shop

Pet Homes

Select and use special vocabulary to describe some of the special places where an animal could live as a pet

Love or Like

Select and use vocabulary to describe objects and ideas that are loved or liked in poetry

Favourite Pancakes

Select and use expanded noun phrases to describe different pancake toppings and fillings

Pancake Toppings

Select and combine powerful adjectives into noun phrases to describe different pancakes toppings


Select a range of nouns and adjectives to use in poems about a firework display on Bonfire Night

Potion Ingredients

Select and use adjectives to describe ingredients used by a witch when making a potion for a spell