Key Stage One English Spoken Language

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in English for Key Stage One to teach about using speaking and listening skills

Seaside Interviews

Collate and record information about life in the past by conducting interviews about seaside holidays

Holiday Fun

Use drama to explore games and events that can be experienced as part of a seaside holiday

Animal Story Scenes

Use drama to storyboard some of the different things that might happen in a story about keeping a wild animal as a pet

Good Samaritan

Select and role-play different friendship scenarios based on a story from the Bible about helping others

The Dove and the Ant

Plan and write story based on a fable to teach the reader a moral lesson about life

Puppet Plays

Create and perform role-play dramas to illustrate a scene from a story about family life

Family Sentences

Compose different sentences to describe what characters might say in a scene from a story about family life

Story Play

Devise and perform a puppet show to illustrate the sequence of events in a story from Bible about Moses

Toy Interviews

Conduct interviews with classroom visitors to find out about some of the toys that they owned in the past

Story Scenes

Use drama and role-play to illustrate one of the events that happened in a narrative story

Sea Rescue

Storyboard and sequence the main events in the story of Grace Darling and the sea rescue she performed with her father

Family Rooms

Complete speech bubbles to record what different characters might say in response to activities in a story with a familiar setting