Key Stage One Art and Design Materials

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in art and design for Key Stage One to teach about creating artwork using a range of materials

Snowy Pine Cones

Select and combine natural materials to produce a hanging Christmas tree decoration

Tree Ornaments

Build collage pictures using a range of different materials for use on Christmas tree ornaments

3D Christmas Cards

Design and produce Christmas card designs using layers of different decorated shapes

Santa Claus

Select and combine different materials to build a collage of a character to hang on a Christmas tree

Poppy Field

Select and combine materials to make models of poppies to thank and remember special people who have supported them in the past.

Prayers for Peace

Compose individual and group prayers to reflect on different ways of resolving conflicts relating to either personal or global issues

Farm Crops

Identify and describe some of the crops that are grown on a farm as part of the food chain

Story Collage

Produce a collage to illustrate a scene from the Bible story about Noah and the ark

Summer Projects

Develop artistic, creative and design skills by participating in a number of projects to celebrate the summer