Foundation Stage Numeracy Counting

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in numeracy for the Foundation Stage covering number counting

Number Boxes

Count and match different numbers of objects to twenty and recorded in both words and numerical digits

Number Lists

Count, read and write numbers to twenty that match different quantities of food that can be fed to animals in a zoo

Animal Numbers

Investigate, order and compare each of the numbers to twenty written in words and digits

Counting Eggs

Count and record different numbers of egg shapes to twenty recorded using words and digits

Pancake Stacks

Identify, count and record numbers of pancakes to twenty in words and digits


Practise counting and recording one more for different numbers of bus passengers to ten


Count and record numbers of different objects that can be seen in some of the streets close to the school

Street Counting

Practise counting number of objects seen in the local area working with numbers to ten

Ten Shapes

Count, compare and record numbers of different colours and shapes to ten

Number Six

Read, write and count different numbers of classroom objects that make sums to six


Play games to practise counting and ordering different numbers of shapes to ten

Tree Baubles

Count and record numbers of decorations displayed on a Christmas tree to twenty using words and digits