Foundation Stage Numeracy Addition

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in numeracy for the Foundation Stage to teach about adding numbers

Addition Number Sentences

Identify and match number sentences and quantities of shapes that make sum with totals to five, ten and twenty

Addition Lines

Identify and record matching sets of three numbers that can make sums with totals within twenty

Addition Number Sums

Play games to practise counting and adding pairs of numbers with sums to five, ten and twenty

One More Egg

Identify and record sets of Easter eggs that are one more than different numbers to five, ten and twenty

Easter Egg Tree

Practise selecting and adding pairs of numbers of different Easter egg shapes to six, ten and twenty


Practise counting and recording one more for different numbers of people that might live in an area to ten


Identify and count one more for numbers to ten using different parts that can be found on a house

Cars, Vans and Lorries

Add one more to counted numbers of different vehicles to ten that can be seen in the local area

Abacus Counting

Select, count and record pairs of numbers displayed on an abacus that make sums to twenty

Addition Dice

Practise using counting on to add the dots on pairs of dice to find matching sums to twelve

Christmas Lists

Use counting on to add pairs of money amounts to ten pence to record presents in a stocking

Christmas Cards

Add pairs of single digit numbers to calculate the cost of buying cards for friends and family