Foundation Stage Numeracy 2D Shapes

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in numeracy for the Foundation Stage to teach about identifying and classifying 2D shapes by their properties

Easter Egg Designs

Select and record a range of designs for different Easter eggs by using combinations of patterns and colours

Easter Egg Puzzles

Complete and create puzzles by cutting and arranging Easter eggs into different shapes

Easter Flowers

Make models of different flower shapes to make decorations for Easter by melting and shaping chocolate

Bunny Biscuits

Bake a selection of biscuits using different shapes that can be used to represent Easter celebrations

Easter Cakes

Use coloured marzipan to create different Easter symbols that can be used to decorate cup cakes

Spotting Shapes

Identify, describe, sort and compare different 2D shapes by their matching individual properties


Use the properties of 2D shapes to identify examples of different sized triangles


Compare and explain how rectangles are the same or different as other shapes by their individual properties


Identify and describe different types of 2D shapes by their matching properties and create repeating patterns


Identify and describe square shapes by their matching number of sides and corners

Pancake Shapes

Select and use vocabulary to describe and make models of different shaped pancakes

Christmas Trees

Select and combine different 2D shapes and materials to make a Christmas table decoration