Foundation Stage Literacy Initial Sounds

Discover lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in literacy for the Foundation Stage covering initial sounds in phonics and spelling

Word Guess

Play games to practise identifying and spelling different cvc words that begin with consonant letters of the alphabet

Story Words

Match groups of words with the initial phoneme sounds for the alphabet letters of c and k

Word Building /k/

Identify and build a set of different words with the initial sound for the letter k

School Things

Identify and record the initial sounds that can be heard at the start of different cvc words

Story Clues

Discuss and describe some of the characters that can feature in favourite stories and identify words beginning with /k/

School Cupboard

Read and respond to a story about starting in a new school and identify initial phonemes of different words

School Words

Use a story to identify and practise writing initial sounds for some of the objects that can be found in a school

School Friends

Use a story with a familiar setting to identify initial phonemes of matching groups of words

New School

Read and respond to a story with a familiar setting and identify initial phonemes of names of the characters.