Foundation Stage Curriculum Topics

Discover schemes of work, lesson plans, classroom worksheets and interactive activities to develop skills in knowledge and understanding about the world for the Foundation Stage

Nativity Scenes

Read and respond to the main events of the nativity story by using drama, role-play and art and design activities

Streets and Roads

Identify, describe and compare different types of buildings and objects that can be found in a street or road that is part of the school neighbourhood

Street Life

Describe people, places and activities that might be seen in the school’s neighbourhood

Street Vehicles

Conduct a survey to record the number of different vehicles that can be seen in a street close to the school

Street People

Identify and describe some of the different people who might reside in homes in the local area close to the school

Street Shops

Locate and compare some of the different shops that could be found along a street close to the school

Street Buildings

Identify and describe the functions of different types of buildings found along a street

Street Survey

Identify and describe different types of objects and signs that can be found in a street

Push and Pull

Identify, describe and test some of the different pushing and pulling forces that can be used to move a range of objects

Moving Cars

Explore and record how a range of different surfaces can affect the movement and speed of toy vehicles

Changing Speed

Identify, test and record a range of different ways of changing the speed and movement of toy vehicles

Pulling Trains

Investigate and test how to move a range of different objects by using a pulling force movement